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The Rebirth of a Fallen Man - Essay Example

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Will a drug addict compromise with the difficult and rotten world? Or will he struggle to change himself and get a chance to be “reborn”? In the book Jesus’s Son, Denis Johnson sets up eleven short stories to tell readers about the…
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The Rebirth of a Fallen Man
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Extract of sample "The Rebirth of a Fallen Man"

Download file to see previous pages The narrator undergoes externally and internally significant changes because he drugs, cares about other people, and desires to live a common lifestyle in the end of the collection (Johnson, “Jesus’ Son: Stories”).
The narrator experiences positive external and physical changes as he recuperates from drug addiction. Because of drugs and alcohol, the health condition of the narrator becomes worse and worse. Before the car crash happens, the narrator cannot even stand up because a college man gives him drugs. He loses his consciousness and passes out in the grass off the exit ramp. His exhausted and weak body compels him to feel the world negatively, owing to his emotional behavior. Once, he said, “I hadn’t been anywhere near it in over a year, but I was just getting sicker. When I coughed I saw fireflies”. The aforementioned statement can be attributed with the context that the over the years, the narrator had been growing sicker, resulting in the development of chronic cough. Drug overdose during talking medications places him in a severe condition, and he is almost dead. However, things are changing... ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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