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How to Become a Good Writer: Composing Oneself as a Writer - Personal Statement Example

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An author of the following statement "How to Become a Good Writer: Composing Oneself as a Writer" seeks to outline the most efficient ways and practices of becoming a better writer. The document would reveal a comparative analysis of different strategies that can improve one's writing skills…
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How to Become a Good Writer: Composing Oneself as a Writer
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Extract of sample "How to Become a Good Writer: Composing Oneself as a Writer"

Download file to see previous pages I need to interact with a group of supportive writers. Friends influence personal habits. Therefore, close friends who are writers are likely to challenge me. Through trading feedback with them, I will be able to understand specific areas that I need to address in order to improve my writing skills. Furthermore, through their help, I will be able to feel encouraged even when I am yet to reach my desired levels. I would invite their feedback about my writing. In addition, I would welcome their honest criticism as advice for improving my writing. On the other hand, I would ensure that I keep off from friends who will act in a negative manner. The reason is that there is a major difference between useful critique and negativity that is disheartening. I will be able to select these friends through checking my local library and community centers for information regarding local writing clubs.
Rewriting is an essential part of writing. The first draft of writing has room for improvement. Through several revisions, one is able to refine the draft. Therefore, every time I write a draft, I will ensure that I go through it in order to identify the areas that I need to improve. This is through rewriting scenes from a different dimension and trying different plot developments. Through several revisions, I will be able to improve my writing skills and identify my weak areas.
Learning from other writers is an important aspect that will improve my writing skills. In school, I will learn from the lecturers and students who have perfected in writing. Through interacting with them, I will be encouraged to learn more and explore better ways of improving my writing. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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