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Advertisement Mock-Up - Essay Example

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A young professional with a wealth of experience in business related services seeks to come to the attention of accounting firms and financial institutions.She is five feet nine inches tall has an outgoing nature…
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Advertisement Mock-Up
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Download file to see previous pages Her award as the best intern at Martina Company backs up work experience, where she gained all round, multi-level integrated service capabilities. In her role, she aims to target medium level companies and establishments with external sourcing for financial services. With her qualifications, she aims to establish herself as an asset to her company since she is knowledgeable in several fields. These include tax preparation, quarterly taxes, payrolls, financial statements, financial planning, electronic filling of state and federal tax forms, bookkeeping, and accounting. Internal employees for most companies handle these areas, and she would aim to make herself visible as an independent accountant to her clients. Her clients in her internship companies were fulsome in their praise for her services with Crumbs Restaurant praising her strict timetable, and punctual filling of returns. Her work with Riverbed Insurance Company was recognized with their merit award for exemplary employees as an intern that saw her given added responsibilities. She thrives under deadlines and crash programmes, and should she fulfil your HR criteria she would be a priceless addition to your company. During the design of the advert, some vital factors were considered. It is important to capture the attention of the prospective employer with a headline that is arresting (Marsh & Maria, 2009). Since the advert is competing actively for the employer’s attention, it is important to avoid generic headlines and go for others that are more dynamic. Creating urgency in the headline will make the employer interested in going through your advert. It is also important to keep the tone as engaging and conversational as formally possible. While an advert with proper sentence structure and spelling will be appreciated, it is more important to give the reader increased insight into what kind of person the writer is and what it would be like to meet and converse in person (Marsh & Maria, 2009). Words that are not necessary in getting across the adverts message could be construed to mean the writer is unimaginative and detached. The advert also needs to be as descriptive as is publicly possible (Marsh & Maria, 2009). While this does not include intimate life details like divorce, it was important to present clear information to enable the prospective reader visualise you. Cliches are a no-go and instead it was important to use vivid adjectives. Dry adverts are not appealing to prospective readers who will have many adverts to go through on top of other duties. It was thus important to infuse the advert with moderate humour. This aids in gaining the readers attention and showing personality. The advert should also especially catch the eye of your prospective reader (Marsh & Maria, 2009). Therefore, before writing this advert, it was important to go through other adverts on the net and get the ones that would compel an answer from the employer. Looking at what the competition is doing gives one the links that could have been missing. During the designing of this advertisement, it was important to sell the client to the market base that she would like to work (Marsh & Maria, 2009). Every potential employee carries his or her value in the market, which can be considered as a Grade point average. Naturally, companies will seek the best employee they can afford. All companies would love a 4/4 GPA employee but not all will possess the same kind of marketing mix. It is possible to make up for the 3.6 by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Advertisement Mock-Up Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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