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Canterbury Tales - The Pardoner - Essay Example

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Pilgrimage is always a very essential part of the Christian faith as it accomplishes the desire of the Christians to grow in their relationships with God…
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Canterbury Tales - The Pardoner
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Extract of sample "Canterbury Tales - The Pardoner"

Download file to see previous pages They help to take a lot of people to holy places that have been made through the events that have been taking place in those places in the footsteps of those individuals who have gone before them or the presence of shrines or relics of the holy individuals.
Pardoner giving his tricks of the trade in most of his works, for example, he explains to the pilgrims the major cause of most evils. This expression forms the key theme that he uses most of the time while preaching so as to understand better and loosen the purse strings of most of his audiences. On arrival to town, Pardoner demonstrates some of the relics and their curative traits some of which appeared to be fake though he does not appear to be caring a bit. In most of his preaching, Pardoner struggles to ensure that most of the pilgrims learn to understand that he only work through preaching to earn more money thus he does not hesitate to take money even from the poor widows. He often praises himself that he is a good speaker through tossing some English and Latin phrases to make things sink in the people a bit and in most cases he uses biblical philosophies to look more serious. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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