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A Quantitative and Qualitative Profile of an English Learner - Essay Example

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Learning a language organically is far more helpful than structured grammar lessons. She did have ESL lessons prior to moving in with her host family but was still struggling due to a lack of practice…
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A Quantitative and Qualitative Profile of an English Learner
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Extract of sample "A Quantitative and Qualitative Profile of an English Learner"

Download file to see previous pages Goal: learn to speak fluent in English. She wanted to improve her English so that she could be accepted at the college of her choice. Currently, she is done taking extensive ESL classes
Quantitative Analysis
a) Length of utterances- normal but lots of grammatical errors
b) Pronunciation- Good and clear
c) Sentence structure- poor
Error Category Frequency % of Total Errors
Verb tense 25 42
Preposition 5 10
Articles 6 9
Omissions 10 15
Syntax/Other 20 24
TOTAL 66 100

Conversational Feature No. of Times Used
Fillers- you mean (2) 2
Hesitation sounds-hmm 2
Modals 5( 2 correct)

Qualitative Analysis
a) Psychological Variables-
Affective Factors (Schumann’s model)
1. Highly motivated to speak fluently in English
2. the process of learning a second language relies heavily on interaction with target language speakers
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