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Ivy League Schools vs Second Tier Schools - Research Paper Example

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This research paper will focus on the major differences of Ivy League Schools and Second Tier Schools. The views and opinions of different authors about these schools will be discussed in this paper. The different of these academic institutions will be analyzed in details by focusing on certain factors…
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Ivy League Schools vs Second Tier Schools
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Extract of sample "Ivy League Schools vs Second Tier Schools"

Download file to see previous pages According to the authors Fry, Ketteridge, and Marshall (2008), education plays an important role in shaping up the career of the students. By getting the proper education, the skills and qualities of the students get enhanced which encourage them in grabbing various opportunities. These authors highlighted that education process and policies are different in various academic institutions. Some schools focus on the overall growth of the students while other schools emphasize on knowledge enhancement processes. The authors stated that the students must select which type education they want to have before taking admission in school (Fry, Ketteridge and Marshall 54). The author Mullen (2009), highlighted for the expansion of higher education, the classes and courses get stratified. This process provides the better understanding to the students regarding different subjects. Ivy League Schools have various facilities and processes by which students can get high quality of education. In U.S, the students who belong from wealthy families or high-class society prefer to get an education from Ivy League Schools. The expectations of this type of students and their families are very high from the schools. The academic environment and facilities provided by these schools facilitate them in satisfying students and their families. The students of the low economic class also get admission in Ivy League Schools based on their merit. The Ivy League Schools are the most selective colleges in U.S. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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