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Post Colonial And World Literature In English - Essay Example

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The paper analyzes the post-colonial literature that developed after the end of the colonial period in the mid-twentieth century when a significant number of European colonies ended up gaining independence. …
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Post Colonial And World Literature In English
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Download file to see previous pages The abandonment of cultures and traditions by the colonized is one of the most significant aspects of post-colonial literature in the discourse on colonialism.The pacification of indigenous people in colonies was completed through the conversion of these individuals to Christianity because it was believed that it was the true religion and that the practices of these communities were satanic. The adoption of Christianity was considered by colonial administrators to be a means to not only pacifying the colonized but also as the first step of achieving their civilizing mission (Morrison 1984, p.327). This process was brought about through European missionary activities during the colonial period. colonialism developed mainly as a result of the diverse European powers seeking to ensure that they not only gained markets for their goods, but also for the purpose of prestige.
The discussion above has shown that colonialism and racism are among the most important themes that are addressed in the post-colonial literature. Furthermore, colonialism developed mainly as a result of the diverse European powers seeking to ensure that they not only gained markets for their goods, but also for the purpose of prestige. In addition, the discussion has shown that forced labor is one of the aspects of colonialism that led to the development of resentment among indigenous people towards the colonists. Finally, the abandonment of cultures and traditions by the colonized is a significant aspect of post-colonial literature in the discourse on colonialism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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