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Ideas Across Time: Classic And Contemporary Readings - Essay Example

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An essay "Ideas Across Time: Classic And Contemporary Readings" points out that the ninety-one pieces in an anthology are categorized into eight chapters ranging from American Identity, equality and democracy to science, belief, art, and death and dying. …
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Ideas Across Time: Classic And Contemporary Readings
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Extract of sample "Ideas Across Time: Classic And Contemporary Readings"

Ideas Across Time: ic and contemporary readings for composition Chapter 2 Summary Introduction The ninety one pieces in Ideas Across Time anthology are categorized into eight chapters ranging from American Identity, equality and democracy to science, art, belief and death and dying. In this paper, the second chapter of “belief” will be summarized. The two pieces to be discussed include Dalai Lama’s, The Art of Happiness and Karen Armstrong’s, History and Religion (Webb, 2).
Paul Tillich, The Lost Dimension in Religion
Dr. Tillich argues that the modern man has lost bearing on the dimensions of depth in religion. According to him, religion refers to the state of concern over ones being as well as being universally. He introduces the expression "horizontal plane" to refer to the platform of life that lacks depth. In this life, physical triumphs are determined by measurable values whereas goals have precise location. He further notes that the contemporary life cannot the truth of religion. This is because catechism and creed are both used as instruments that do not guarantee salvation with association. In order to discuss religion, Dr. Tillich introduces faith and tolerance in pointing towards the source of religious actuality (Tillich, 123-30).
Dalai Lama, The Art of Happiness
Here, Howard C. Cutler, a psychiatrist from Phoenix focuses on the subject of happiness. The main theme as elaborated by Dalai Lama is that finding happiness at work requires self-understanding. Work can understood as a calling, a career or a job. The former makes a huge difference in the individual and the world. This is because individuals that deem their work as a calling would keep doing what they do even without pay. He further notes that an inflated sense of oneself (arrogance) as well as a low sense of self (esteem) are damaging. The Tibetan Leader suggests that individuals need to embody self-awareness in order to overcome arrogance and low esteem (Lama, 132-35).
These collections help the readers to acquire an in-depth understanding of the contemporary world. The readers are further enabled to draw connections of the important ideas in shaping the current world. In this aspect, every chapter introduces significant influences on the readers (Webb, 2).
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