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300 W - Essay Example

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The initiatives and additional information about each of them are as follows.
The first initiative for the 2003-2004 school year is to…
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300 W
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Extract of sample "300 W"

Memorandum MEMORANDUM Dan Simmons, Department Chair April Anderson 12 July 2003SUBJECT: Initiatives for the Upcoming School Year
On July 10, the members of the Literature and Cultural Studies Committee met to determine our five initiatives for the upcoming school year. The initiatives and additional information about each of them are as follows.
The first initiative for the 2003-2004 school year is to recruit more majors into this option of study. So far, we have 400 majors, but only 40 are pursuing our options. One reason students give for not choosing the option is that it is too “old-fashioned.” We plan to change that opinion, beginning this fall. To that end, the second initiative involves a marketing campaign to include a revamped website, brochures, and even mini-spots on campus radio. The third initiative involves creating proposals for several new courses, including ones on such topics as Hallucinogenic Literature, Women’s Scientific Literature, Space, Film, and Literature. The fourth initiative is the creation of at least one new position in the option. We would like to be able to search for a faculty member who can teach in the areas of women’s, scientific, and nature literature. Finally, we would like to create a scholarship for students to be funded by current full professors in the department.

In order to allow the initiatives to run more smoothly, we have assigned certain committee members to the four of them: Initiative 1: Dan Jenkins and Audrey Smith; Initiative 2: Sue Osborne, Kara Jenkins, and Molly Maguire; Initiative 3: Holly Golightly and Jane Eyre; Initiative 5: Dan Jenkins. All members of the committee will work on the fourth initiative.
Kindly inform me of any further clarification concerning the five initiatives. Thank you.
Kind regards.
Harrelson’s Greenhouses
TO: Greenhouse Managers
DATE: 22 April 2007
SUBJECT: Recommendations for Greenhouse Enhancement

As a head horticulturist, I have been assigned the task of ensuring that all the company managers implement a series of changes intended to improve our company and increase profits. These changes involve two areas: plant breeding and plant nutrition.

Plant Breeding: Each manager will begin the process of reinstating our defunct pest resistance program to ensure stronger plants and better profits immediately.
Plant Nutrition: A plant nutrition specialist should be hired. Each manager needs to cooperate with this person’s requests.

I hope that these changes will correct some of the mistakes we have made in the past in these two areas. Thank you.
Kind regards.
VanHuss, S. H. (2005). Basic letter & memo writing. Mason, Ohio: Thomson/South-Western. Read More
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