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Vivid Description of Mother - Essay Example

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The paper "Vivid Description of Mother" highlights that the author's mother has a well develop a financial base that keeps the family going, and her primary concern is to ensure that all of us are comfortable, healthy and spend in our daily individual activities…
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Vivid Description of Mother
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Extract of sample "Vivid Description of Mother"

Download file to see previous pages Whenever my mother smiles, the white, well-shaped teeth brighten her whole face when she grins. She has a well soft developed body of medium height; her skin is smooth, light brown and splendid. She has four boys and one girl thus we are five siblings; two of the boys are twins, my brother and I are the eldest followed by the other siblings. Her beauty is glimpsing, she is lovely and caring about our personal problems and spiritual arena. She maintains high standards of cleanliness and wishes that all of us to follow the same pursuit. She is a hard-working, determined, goal-oriented woman and raised her family as she carried on with her studies. Despite the fact that her studies were involving, she always had time the family. She is eloquent in talking and persuasive while presenting facts that convinces one to agree wholeheartedly with her without any act of opposition.
She is an academically oriented person and rarely does she stay without a plan to pursue her higher education in spite of raising her family. She is a professor in Nuclear Physic, and she attained her Ph.D. from the Surrey University in England. She has managed to go up the ladder and fought through the academic levels to reach the highest. Her primary objective in her studies is obtaining and achieving her self-esteem through the exploration of the opportunities that she faces. The drive towards her education and what has facilitated her pursuit of education from the lowest level to the highest level has been made possible by the well financial base that she had developed in the entire life. However, she had to quit the job at the expense of her studies. She has served many institutions that range from colleges to the universities; the University of California and Harvard University just but to mention a few. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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