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Proposal Letter - Essay Example

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English, for example, has a vast presence in almost all countries in the world. Learning English as a second or foreign language is a problem to many students particularly those who start learning it at the…
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Proposal Letter
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Extract of sample "Proposal Letter"

Learning a Second Language Foreign have challenges learning a second language. English, for example, has a vast presence in almost all countries in the world. Learning English as a second or foreign language is a problem to many students particularly those who start learning it at the undergraduate level. Most schools and colleges in China and Asian countries are teaching English to their students. The students have difficulties in reading, writing, listening, and understanding what they are taught (Singh 12-13). Other students who have prior understanding of the English language opt to enroll on foreign colleges where it is a native language. As a result, both the instructors and students face insurmountable difficulties (Quian 2204-2205).
Although English is taught from the primary level, I believe mastery of the language requires patience and practice. The students have a feeling that achieving fluency for an international language is impossible. Their main goal of learning the language is passing exams while disregarding its value in the learning process, as well as, dealing with life issues. I also believe that besides difficulties in speaking fluent English, foreign students can hardly write a complete sentence without making a grammatical mistake. There seems to be no appropriate environment for them to thrive. They encounter a new society and culture that hinders their success (Herold 124). When compared to the native students, the internationals require extra time to learn and comprehend a foreign language.
In an effort to unravel to this mystery, the essay will investigate the difficulties faced by foreign students in learning a second language. It will also provide several useful strategies to second language learners and instructors. It will conclude by calling for researchers to give attention to the problem. All readers, as well as, well wishers can contribute their views on the topic.
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