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Rising levels of Obesity - Essay Example

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With the increasingly growing technology and globalization, people can quickly access tasty but unhealthy meals and drinks, have reduced physical…
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Rising levels of Obesity
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Extract of sample "Rising levels of Obesity"

Download file to see previous pages These effects are long term.
Consequently, the rise in obesity rates has not only detrimental health impacts, but also economic and social effects both at the state and international levels. With the mandate of the government to provide efficient health care, and promote the welfare of the people, every government has a role to play in curbing the increasing rates of obesity across the world. The government is best positioned to implement prevention strategies through regulation of foods and drinks production, education on best dietary and physical activity practices, as well as treatment. This paper focuses on how governments can intervene appropriately to curb the proliferation of obesity in its population citing South African and Mexican governments as examples.
The main factors leading to increased levels of obesity include; increased energy intake, increasingly sedentary lifestyles, and changes in family and social perceptions and structures (Astudio, 2013). Increased energy consumption is as a result of the rise in energy dense drinks and foods, large serving sizes, lack of enough time to prepare meals at home leading most meals eaten away with high energy and fats. Besides, computer games and televisions have displaced the old active recreational activities such as riding bikes. Advanced technology and infrastructure have reduced transport-related activities such cycling and walking. Therefore, the government ought to target these aspects to implementing intervention programs to curb obesity.
The government can effectively prevent and treat obesity and overweight conditions through well-funded programs, political support, education, inter-sectorial collaboration, evidence-based planning, as well as participatory community initiatives (Astudio, 2013).
The government ought to formulate and implement policies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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