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Respond - Movie Review Example

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Some of these queries are of value while some are questions of facts. The questions of value include; what is the impact of Vermeer’s work on the contemporary artist?…
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Movie Review Movie Review Apparently, the profound film displays an investigative process seeking to answer questions of diverse nature. Some of these queries are of value while some are questions of facts. The questions of value include; what is the impact of Vermeer’s work on the contemporary artist? Does Vermeer’s work depict an element of creativity? What does Vermeer’s work indicate about originality in the field of paint art? Some of the questions of facts include; did Vermeer seem to obtain mechanical help while working on his paintings? What are some of the features of Vermeer’s work that distinguishes it from regular art?
After a long duration of attempting to provide answers to his questions, Tim formulated a thesis and his work brought to a halt the raising of more question and judgments. He concluded his research process convinced that Vermeer used optical devices to undertake his work in painting. Tim ultimately answered the numerous questions that he posed and that his critics could have raised.
Through setting on a course to establish the techniques that a predecessor artist used in his work, one can say that Tim engages in a process of critical inquiry. To guide the endeavor, he had to pose critical questions that he was to provide their answers based on his research. However, Tim was successful in narrowing down the differences that existed in his initial views and Vermeer’s perception and techniques or tools of art. Through successfully answering his critical questions, he minimizes the broader discourse that would have existed between his perception and Vermeer’s views on the techniques and tools of art. Therefore, Tim harmonizes his views with his predecessor through confirming the validity of his thesis. Tim’s rhetorical situation is that he seems to become obsessed with work that was originally done by another artist. His situation leaves one wondering whether he lacks originality or whether he just needs to prove a point. The fact that he confirms the techniques used in Vermeer’s work was not any different from what he thought is a sign that there is no discovery that he made.
YouTube, (2015). Tims Vermeer 2013 full movie in English. Retrieved 25 June 2015, from Read More
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