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Henry and his Wives - Essay Example

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The short story of Henry and his wives is a detail representation of the chronology of the events and occurrences of the life of the former King of England Henry VIII. In this story, the author tells of the relationship between the king and the six wives he marries and presents…
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Extract of sample "Henry and his Wives"

HENRY AND HIS WIVES Affiliate Henry and His Wives The short story of Henry and his wives is a detail representation of the chronology of the events and occurrences of the life of the former King of England Henry VIII. In this story, the author tells of the relationship between the king and the six wives he marries and presents a number of themes and roles of women in the medieval society. The story courses along a documented historical detail of the Historical events of England while at the same time maintains a clear discussion of the live and personal experiences of King Henry in light of the number of wives and the circumstances through which he married each and how they related. This volume intends to present the conditions and the confines in which Henry’s wives and other women lived in detail as presented by the author.
The author has shown Henry as a very notorious character where he marries six wives. This distinct Henry in the records of history where he is seen to achieve almost anything through his destructive influence and power. At first, Henry Marries Catherine of Aragon, however, their marriage is ended by an infant death and a sensational political revolt. His second wife also meets and unfortunate end, where by charges that were most likely false she is executed. Jane Seymour the third wife who bore Henry a son died in childbirth. Soon after the death of Jane Henry remarried a German woman who came to be a disappointment later as according to Henry was not as beautiful as he had hoped. Consequently, they divorced after six months. Henry’s fifth wife was Katherine Howard; unfortunately, just like his first wife she was set for execution through cunning means.
Finally, the author concludes the story by the live events of the last wife of Henry, Katherine Parr who was well mannered and served her husband with great respect and devotion until his death. The author at this point reflects the life of the women of this time and the place they were kept by the society. He further brings out a variety of themes such as egoism and others through the life and deeds of the king. Henry serves the role of the medieval society and how influential individuals and people in power positions related with others.
Hardy-Gould, J. (2014). Henry VIII and his Six Wives-With Audio. Oxford University Press. Read More
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(Henry and His Wives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Henry and His Wives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Henry and His Wives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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