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An Ideal Husband - Essay Example

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Marchmont, Lady Basildon, Lord Caversham, Mabel Chiltern, Lady Markby, Mrs. Cheveley, Vicomte de Nanjac, and Lady Chiltern are introduced. In this Act Mrs…
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An Ideal Husband
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Download file to see previous pages Lord Goring also tries to test as to what Lady Chiltern will do if she comes to know of Sir Chiltern’s shady past and tries to convince Lady Chiltern to be charitable when it comes to forgiving her husband. In the mean time Mrs. Cheveley tells Lady Chiltern about Sir Robert’s ill gotten wealth and on knowing this Lady Chiltern refuses to forgive Sir Robert for his dishonesty.
In this Act lot of confusion ensues between Sir Chiltern and Lord Goring because Sir Chiltern believes that Mrs. Cheveley sitting in Goring’s drawing room is an evil lady while Goring believing that particular lady to be Lady Chiltern, tries to defend her character before Sir Robert. When Sir Robert leaves, Goring manages to get the letter which is a proof of Sir Robert’s shady past from Cheveley by scaring her of trusting her to the authorities for stealing a piece of jewelry. However, Mrs. Cheveley manages to steal the letter Lady Chiltern wrote to Goring and tells him that she will show that letter to Sir Robert to prove that Goring has a relationship with Lady Chiltern.
In this Act all the confusions and misunderstandings get resolved and Lord Goring convinces Lady Chiltern to forgive her husband Robert and allow him to carry on with his public life. In the mean time Lord Goring also proposes marriage to Mabel Chiltern which she gladly accepts. All the controversies get resolved and all the major characters in the play end up getting what they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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