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The Knot in Susan Glaspell's Trifles - Essay Example

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A psychoanalytic reading: The knot in Glaspell’s Trifles Name Instructor Class 6 September 2012 PART 1 The roles of Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters are to serve as the foil of one another initially, though later on, Mrs. Peters reveals that she is similar to Mrs…
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The Knot in Susan Glaspells Trifles
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"The Knot in Susan Glaspell's Trifles"

Download file to see previous pages Wright for not keeping her house in order, Mrs. Hale defends her through reminding the men of their multiple burdens as women: “There’s a great deal of work to be done on a farm” (Glaspell, 1916). For her, men fail to appreciate the work they do to support their families. Mrs. Hale expresses the poor attention given to women’s contribution in society: “Men’s hands aren’t always as clean as they might be” (Glaspell, 1916). This statement has double meaning because it indicates that men should not charge women as irresponsible, when they make their lives so physically and emotionally taxing. Contradictory to the opinionated Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Peters serves as her foil; she represents the traditional submissive woman. At first, Mrs. Peters defends her husband and the men doing the investigation. For her, they are only doing their “duty” (Glaspell, 1916). She also resists talking about the culpability of Mrs. Wright. She is adamant that “the law is the law” (Glaspell, 1916). When Mrs. Peters realizes, however, that Mrs. Wright lost her identity during their marriage, she remembers that she knows “what stillness is” (Glaspell, 1916). She understands that it is not right for any woman to stay still for a man all her life. Thus, in the end, Mrs. Peters asserts that she does not see herself as being married to the law, just because she is the sheriff’s wife. ...
PART 2 A psychoanalytic reading: The knot in Glaspell’s Trifles Several female writers such as Kate Chopin and Susan Glaspell contested the idea of a woman’s place under her husband. They questioned gender norms and practices that served male interests, while eradicating the rights of women to speech and self-determination. In the short play Trifles, Glaspell (1916) used the setting of the kitchen to demonstrate the differences between women’s and men’s investigatory skills and processes. Her female and male characters, especially in how they speak with their fellow gender and the opposite sex, reveal the uneven gender relations of the early twentieth century. A psychoanalytic reading that focuses on Mrs. Wright helps uncover her innermost emotions as a woman. The symbolism of the knot and the gender conflict in the play revealed that Mrs. Wright killed her husband because of her repressed feelings of anxiety against her domineering husband and the patriarchal culture of her times. The knot stands for how marriage knots or ties women to their husbands. Marriage is represented as a knot around women’s necks because they are imprisoned in the confines of their homes. Trifles describes the burdens of domestic drudgery, and yet society does not appreciate women’s contributions to it. The County Attorney judges Mrs. Wright’s character as an unfit homemaker, for instance, because her towels are “dirty” (Glaspell, 1916). His attitude signifies his belief that the only right place for women is in the house, and that the house is their only source of identity. Furthermore, the knot represents the idea that men can tighten it around women as they please. The men criticize Mrs. Wright for not keeping the kitchen immaculately clean. For these men, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Trifles by Susan Glaspell
...?Full Trifles Trifles was written at the start of the twentieth century when gender discrimination was so strong. The drama is about a murder case where Mrs. Wright is the culprit to the death of her husband who died of strangulation. The case is then investigated and this is where parts of the murder were made known, showing the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Wright in the eyes of the investigators as well as the two women who played most of the parts in the drama, Mrs. Peters who is the sheriff’s wife, always understanding the job of the investigators but took the side of Mrs. Wright in the unfolding of the story and Mrs. Hale who is the neighbor of the Wrights and wife of Mr. Hale who was the first to learn...
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Trifles by Susan Glaspell
...?Trifles by Susan Glaspell is a short story about the undervaluation of women in the society. Though a simple story about a case of a wife, Mrs. Wright, murdering her husband, it clearly shows the differences between men and women’s perspective on things. The story revolves around the murder of Mr. Wright. Although Mrs. Wright was the prime suspect, being the only person in the house at the time of the murder, the male characters did not find any motive, which is very important in building a case. Although the men found evidences pointing towards Mrs. Wright as the main suspect, they cannot establish the motive why she wanted her husband dead. When the men left the women downstairs, as the women wandered about the cheerless house... . Wright...
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...Gender Roles in Trifles Trifles is a play based on a murder mystery; however, Susan Glaspell has put it in such a way that it transcends the convectional presuppositions in a mystery. At its core, lies a moral and social commentary based on the psychological perceptions of the men and women involved in trying to solve the mystery as well as their interactions based on traditional gender roles. In a story, gender roles are often used describe and reflect certain truths about human reality, trifles is one of the plays that are blatantly focused on the interactions between the two genders (O Neil). Trifles provide commentary in a setting...
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Trifles by susan glaspell
...?Full Symbolisms in Trifle Short stories are interesting because they do not just narrate how events unfold but they alsoshow hidden meanings through the characters, things and settings reflected in the story. In Susan Glaspell’s Trifles, several symbolisms are evident which emphasize the message of the story. This paper aims to look deeper into the symbolisms that Glaspell used in her play such as the location of Wright’s farmhouse, the rope, telephone, canary, birdcage and the word trifles. This will be examined closer in order for readers to have a clearer and deeper understanding of the story. Indeed, one can see the big picture after...
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Trifles by Susan Glaspell
...? The play ‘Trifles’ by Susan Glaspell strongly portrays the strong character of women in a male dominant society where they are often forced to playsubservient role. The play was written in 1916 when the women’s role was confined largely to the kitchen and their opinions or views on relevant issues were neither sought nor considered. The author has dextrously used the background setting to showcase the frustrations and monotony of women’s existence. It highlights the gender-based investigation of a murder which was subtly conducted by the two women characters whose opinions were not thought to be essential. The author has used various literary elements like strong plot, setting, character, gender conflict, symbolism etc. to focus... . The...
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Trifles by Susan Glaspell
..."Trifles" December 5, 2006 Mrs. Wright: I wonder if Mrs. Hale could find everything I asked for. I really need that apron. This one I have on is so dirty and I can't be seen in a dirty apron, what would the townspeople think It's bad enough that I had to leave the house without finishing the cleaning of my kitchen. I hope they don't hold that against me. Really this is not the time to judge my housekeeping skills, but men will be men. They will think there is something wrong with a woman who cannot keep her house clean. I hope my fruit didn't freeze. I spent some long, hot days putting that up, I would hate to waste all that work. Oh dear, I almost forgot I was in the middle of baking bread, I hope Mrs. Hale will get rid...
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Trifles by Susan Glaspell
...The of Susan Glaspell’s plays Trifles is derived from the attitudes regarding the concerns of women at the time which the work was written. At this time, the concerns of women were treated as essentially unimportant, or, trifles, which have no importance within the inner workings of a male-oriented society. Thus, the feminist themes which run throughout the piece revolve around invoking a paradigm shift in how societies as a whole value, or devalue, the relevance and significance of male and female perspectives. Glaspell does this by creating a drama full of tension, in the form of what is really two stories in one: a male perspective and a female...
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Trifles by Susan Glaspell
...Trifles by Susan GlaspellTrifles by Susan Glaspell is a one-act play that reflects on the social and historical issues during the period that the work was written. Glaspell’s style of writing in this play reflects on the issues she tried to raise in the work. It is therefore important to look at these issues, using specific examples from the text in the process. Glaspell’s Trifles focuses on the lives of women, as the issue of the welfare of women in the society was the main subject of discourse during the period that she wrote the play. The fact that, Trifles play takes place in the kitchen and the domestic environment just shows that, Glaspell was trying to tell readers that, the role of women in the society was relegated... the other...
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Trifles' by Susan Glaspell
...Summary on ‘Trifles’ ‘Trifles’ is a one act play written in 1916 by Susan Glaspell. Glaspell’s play gets loosely based on a true event as when she was a young reporter, she got to cover a murder case in a small town in Iowa. The play’s plot develops around the murder of John Wright in his home that he shared with his wife Minnie Wright. John got strangled in his sleep and Minnie is held as a suspect in jail (Glaspell 3). The play’s title provides a clue to its main theme. The play provides a look at the perceived role and place of the woman in society at the time. The play is a mockery of men’s perceived arrogance and attitude towards...
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Trifles by Susan Glaspell
...Research Paper, English Topic: Trifles by Susan Glaspell The status of women needs to be equal to that of men. She owns the creative force of nature male or female for the initial nine months as such her status is more equal. But since time immemorial and even now, the ground realities are different. If her man gives her protection and loves, it is the be-all-and end-all of her life. In Susan Glaspells Trifles an assembly of characters gathers at the home of the Wrights with a serious issue to tackle. Mr. Wright has been murdered and the preliminary suspect is Mrs. Wright. The traditional investigators of the crime are there on the...
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