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Setting Up and Using a Facebook Account - Assignment Example

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This paper is a discussion outlining the steps to guide a novice user on how to set up and use a Facebook account. Facebook is a social utility platform where people get in touch with their friends. It was founded on February 4, 2004 and its headquarters is in Menlo Park in the California State. …
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Setting Up and Using a Facebook Account
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Download file to see previous pages Setting up and using a Facebook account is easily enhanced by the simple available online tools such as electronic mail address and password. These mark the beginning point for establishing a basic account that can later be updated with additional designs and tools. Once registered to use this online social utility through creating a user profile, one can add friends with whom to network. Additionally, one can post information, videos or photos to update their statuses and this is open for viewing by friends. One can also join interest groups created by workmates, friends, and businesses or by institutions of learning. This online social utility enables exchanging of messages and sharing of ideas. Hence the following steps should be the guidelines in setting up and using a Facebook account. Have an email address which can be with the Google Mail (Gmail), Yahoo, Hotmail and many more. This makes use of both alphabetical letters and numerical numbers or just letters only. The email address can be individual or is based on an organization or institution with a central managing point. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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