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The central claim is that pay for performance is a noble idea provided that the strategies are keenly handled and this is a relatively plausible position since the author backs it up with substantial points, that are at best reasonable.
3. Other essential ideas that are in…
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Essay 1 Questions
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Responses to Questions The focal point of the text is the rationale of Pay for Performance Plan for Management. 2. The central claim is that pay for performance is a noble idea provided that the strategies are keenly handled and this is a relatively plausible position since the author backs it up with substantial points, that are at best reasonable.
3. Other essential ideas that are in unison with the thesis include the coordination of the strategic goals, being enthusiastic about the strategies, having a credible financial reporting system and reviewing the set objectives.
4. The aspects of the topic that are emphasized include, assertion that the pay for performance however plausible and achievable, is difficult to exceptionally achieve because of several stated challenges. The text exhaustively addresses the most important aspects of the topic, the only gap is on how to eliminate the possible bureaucracies from the onset of the program implementation, and this is what I would add.
5. The text supports the claim since it has several relevant examples that prop up the claim sufficiently without any explicit shortfalls. The point that needs more substantiation is how prevent the plans from being dysfunctional
6. The inferences that can be drawn are that pay for performance is a good strategy but could cause substantive barriers to productivity within the organization, and they logically align with the evidence and alternative reasons as well reasonable.
7. Assumption underlying the thesis that is explicitly stated is that designing performance is quite simple and this assertion may raise credibility question in the readers.
8. The text positions the reader as someone of theoretical persuasion and this quite unfair perception of the reader because it is quite limiting.
9. The text anticipates and even cites some alternative points of view of addressing the issue but rather in a limited manner.
10. The implications of the text insist on simplicity of the appraisal and are very reasonable since they envision simplification of the performance appraisal.
11. The text demonstrates and identifiable genre-a business report and the special characteristics include; it is written in simple language, it is complete, it is concise, it states the objective in the opening statement and relatively accurate.
12. The genre contributes so much to the relevance of the argument, the writer has conveyed it in the best form, and I see no alternative way he would have adapted.
13. The different components of the genre serve complementary purposes and they are well explained and distributed uniformly across the document.
14. The organization of the text in whichever arrangements serves the same purpose since it addresses a singular issue that of pay performance and thus arrangement of the text has no striking prospective creation of a difference.
15. The language illuminates the topic and heightens it to considerably conspicuous levels and at best, it does not detract.
16. The author uses applies similes and the exact simile he uses, is “incent” and the metaphor “slam dunk” and these figurative language are considerably confusing and in their place it were prudent to use simple words. However, the author explains the context of the difficult words making the work better understandable.
17. At the beginning of the article, I am stuck and a little disinterested by the distracting complex figurative language used but deeper into the article, the author makes his ideas concise and captivating.
18. The allusions of the writer sufficiently build up the main idea of the article since he alludes to the standard practices affectively creating a factual picture in the minds of the readers about the subject.
19. The author refers to related industry practices in relation to the subject and the evidently reinforce the main idea of the text.
20. The author intends to persuade and convince the audience as an effect of the text.
21. The publication was written for the hospitality industry practitioners and it has relevance to other general organizational management decisions. It publishing date was 2nd October 2006.
22. The article was published in October 2006 and during the time discussions about pay for performances were rife is the managerial arena.
23. The author’s voice appeals to both the ethos and the pathos however; the tone is a little exaggerated and makes the text appear rather informal.
24. The author does not provide the reader with sufficient previous information and this is a show of assumptions about the previous knowledge of the readers.
25. The author’s rhetorical posture is persuasive and assertive at the same time, it stamps more authority corroborating his point, and this is a suitable method for his work.
26. The overall reputation of the author is solidly convincing since he is a seasoned consulting practitioner in the hospitality industry and thus his reputation is unquestionable.
27. The author acknowledges the existence of other writers and their extensive credibility but states his distinguishing character from the other authors; as much as he respects their opinions, he likes instantaneous tangible solutions.
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