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A Humble Proposal for Handling Muslim Immigrants in Germany - Essay Example

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In this report, it is marked that Germany was not rebuilt by its native citizens only, and that miraculous economic upsurge of the postwar years was insured by the immigration boom bringing thousands of foreigners as a labor force…
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A Humble Proposal for Handling Muslim Immigrants in Germany
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Extract of sample "A Humble Proposal for Handling Muslim Immigrants in Germany"

Download file to see previous pages The given paper will prove that Muslims suffer from outrageous discrimination and oppression in German society, which is the blatant violation of human rights established by some United Nations conventions, and propose a solution to the problem basing on German laws.
We cannot overlook the fact that compared to other European countries, Germany provides a relatively wide range of opportunities for immigrants’ employment, but Muslim immigrants face barriers in employment related to their religion and ethnicity, which endangers their welfare and ability to earn their living in the host country (Muehe 21). German employers show profound bias in their policy because they would rather prefer to hire a German than an immigrant worker. This unfair policy seems controversial, for “since the 1990s, analysts have pointed to Germany's ongoing need for immigrants to bolster economic development and maintain a dynamic workforce, given the rapid aging of the country's population” (Oezcan). In other words, do not Muslim workers deserve equal employment prospects after all they have done for Germany?
Moreover, Muslims experience vast cultural and religious discrimination in the German environment, which gradually forces them to integrate and assimilate via various sadistic language courses and governmental integration programs. German government first admits Muslim immigrants into the country and then considers five or six million of them a problem that needs to be handled. Muslims experience blatant rejection of their religion and are virtually forced to hide their Islamic centers in unmarked buildings on the outskirts of the cities (Brenner), and the number of mosques in Germany is unbelievably small: Berlin, the great capital if this tolerant state hosts only four big mosques! Muslims are violently persecuted by anti-fundamentalist activists of German descent: for instance, peaceful Salafists, who were earlier seen on their noble mission of patrolling German cities’ neighborhoods, are constantly attacked by Germans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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