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I remember the sense of excitement that I felt as I looked forward to what the class had to offer. I had taken writing classes before but I did not find…
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Portfolio Cover Letter
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Reflection Essay on Writing 39B When I first enrolled in the writing 39B I imagined that the time would so much slower than it did, how wrong I was. I remember the sense of excitement that I felt as I looked forward to what the class had to offer. I had taken writing classes before but I did not find the same sense of excitement. I found the topics dealt with in the course interesting and intriguing and the assignments engaging. Most importantly for me the professors were always easily accessible, available and eager to provide assistance to the students, which for me set a comfortable atmosphere for the entire class. However, the main assignments made me come to the realization that I had a long way to go to become an accomplished writer.
The connect assignment, the literature review and rhetorical analysis essay as well as the class wikis were some of the assignments we engaged in and while the first ones were pretty simple, however as they became more structured and complex in nature it became more challenging. Assignments such as the forums, essays and creating my Twitter page about Journey to the west were all helpful in enabling me to better structure my writing and integrate the skills that I had gained from connect assignments. Each subsequent writing assignment enabled me to better my skills and open my mind to new, unique and creative ideas.
I had the most difficulty with the wiki assignment since I had not yet learned how to be flexible in my writing enough to provide what was needed by the professor. It was also the first time creating a wiki and while I had thought that the presence of links within the information I was giving was optional, I did not do the assignment with as open a mind as I should have had. I also had a difficult time clearly researching on the provided topic which I think actively contributed to the low grade that I got. I did feel a sense of disappointment but fast came to the realization that I could improve and I therefore decided to take the comments that I had been given to heart instead of looking at it from a negative point of view.
The connect assignments were also key in my growth; when we first began, I thought that it would be easy since I was familiar with the use of verbs and shifting tenses however the intensity and difficulty of the assignments got to me and I soon found that I was struggling to keep to the set time for handing in the assignments. However, while I was at times late, my level of engagement in each of the assignments I did was consistent and on point since I was driven by the need to improve.
In summary, writing 39B has been one of the most exciting and engaging classes that I have gone through. The professors were always available and accessible which made the entire process of learning far more meaningful. The class has taught me a great deal about my writing skills and myself as an individual. Even though I still have a long way to go, I feel that I have made significant steps towards improving since I have become more flexible and adaptable. I do however wish to realize on my level of creativity since I have as yet been unable to fully integrate this aspect into my writing. I am confident however that I will get to the level that I wish to as I move into 39c. Read More
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