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According to Lifton in his, The Role of Media, Career Development, and Society, the media executes a significant part in remodelling communal standpoints and hence possess vast influence to enhance the discourse within the general culture by diversifying and mushrooming the…
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Civic Argument Editorial or Letter to the Editor
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Is Media the Backbone of global awareness and synergy? Introduction According to Lifton in his, The Role of Media, Career Development, and Society, the media executes a significant part in remodelling communal standpoints and hence possess vast influence to enhance the discourse within the general culture by diversifying and mushrooming the popular understanding and mastery of the credence structure blended with performances of other variant ethnic, doctrinal, and racial syndicate. If our global chief objective remains in harnessing this forum for the universal gain of all, let’s narrow our resources and ideas owing to distinct constraints that hinder full role play of the media (Lifton 14).
The quoted constraints incorporate monetary setbacks, firm media rivalry, opposition and competition, enterprise marketing affairs and dogmatized prejudice (or bias) tied to particular media personnel. It is evident that these drawbacks contributed to blinded, superficial, and stereotyped pattern of news presentation in various cultures (Lifton 22).
Do those individuals who ceaselessly hinder media from capturing fundamental societal aspects and often unleash untold torture to media professionals comprehend the nitty gritty (or role per se) the media plays in fostering equity, tranquility, and interactive reverence among vast ethnical, doctrinal, and general humankind fraternity both within federal and global ranges? Do those who maliciously opt to use advanced technology to dispense information to the masses simply to feed their ego ever realize how much trauma they inflict to the victims who end up affected by their baseless rumours?
These queries remind us that personal responsibility in ensuring that the correct intended information that extends to the public (or any other target group) is an inevitable priority. Also, in a bid to sound the depths of the resources that the vast contemporaneous technologies can offer clear regulations, demarcations, bills and codes will have to be put in place to subdue information conglomeration, analysis and dissemination and dispensation to the general public (Lifton 25). It therefore means without doubt that when we sacrifice our ego and aim at rectifying the warped and biased standpoints concerning the general media at large, the entire media corporations globally will transcend to stardom and eventually transform into authentic and firm backbone of the entire global awareness and synergy.
Lifton, Walter M. Educating for Tomorrow: The Role of Media, Career Development, and Society. New York: Wiley, 1970. Print. Read More
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