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Write 1200 word about the lectures note - Essay Example

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The second lesson from this lecture was to understand how learning is influenced and shaped by the curriculum. The third major lesson was to learn how cultural norms are…
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Write 1200 word about the lectures note
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Download file to see previous pages This lecture also enabled the understanding of learning in itself and the curriculum as a word (Fry, Ketteridge, Marshal 2008).
The week 2 lecture was called self-efficacy and the independent learner. The lecture is focused on educating the learner on the definition of self-efficacy and how students understand their own beliefs about success. Another concept covered in this week is theory and understanding its value. The next aspect is the differentiation between theory and facts and the definition of mastery. This topic enables the students learn the connection between their own success and factors behind it based on the definition they give. The topic also covers social modeling and persuasion as well as psychological responses and the implications of self-efficacy sources on learning in higher education. Lastly, this lecture covers study groups, the definition of the word and the value and establishment of study groups (Margolis, McCabe 2006).
The week 3 lecture is called learning from and with others. It gives an explanation of the difference between learning from and with others. It also gives an explanation of models of cooperative learning and how they work. I this lecture, we learn how to effectively share and participate in discussion. The three main concepts of this lecture are collaboration, collision and cooperation. Once a student understands the three concepts, then we are able to apply the lesson learnt in group work and learn to incorporate it in our higher learning. The group works developing four stages of forming, storming, norming and finally performing. The problems faced in groups are also covered as well as solutions to these problems (Kolb, Kolb 2005).
He week 4 lecture is educative on feedback and higher education. The lecture involves the definition of feedback and understanding how students se feedback to improve their learning. The value of feedback is assessed the connection between feedback and grading is established. Through fee ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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