Reading response to The Beautiful City of Tirzah by Harrison Candelaria Fletcher - Essay Example

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Fletcher’s mother was unique in a way that most people are not. This includes doing what other people despise and what they would refer to as time…
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Reading response to The Beautiful City of Tirzah by Harrison Candelaria Fletcher
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Extract of sample "Reading response to The Beautiful City of Tirzah by Harrison Candelaria Fletcher"

Reading response to The Beautiful of Tirzah by Harrison Candelaria Fletcher One of the areas that I find interestingin Fletcher’s essay is his description of his mother and the things that she likes. Fletcher’s mother was unique in a way that most people are not. This includes doing what other people despise and what they would refer to as time wastage. Some of the things that Fletcher outlines that his mother likes include going after cultures, exploration, and visiting churches. In fact, she took religion very seriously. Among other things that she did included bringing home the stray animals that she would find on her way home and made them a family. These are some of the efforts that she put in her life that other people would not do. Most of her time was spent when taking care of her collection of animals. This explains an individual with a noble heart and one that does not see time wastage in catering for stray animals. These are some of the most appealing undertakings that the entire Fletcher’s family cherished. Such acts have been showcased severally in Fletcher’s writing. In one instance, she welcomed an owl that had been found by one of her sons into her home. Contrary to most people, she welcomed it in spite of the fact that it is said to be a bad omen and that it brings bad luck to those close by. Instead of viewing the owl as bad luck, she has a positive view of it and even names it Tirzah as outlined in the Bible to depict a beautiful city. This shows that she did not follow misleading superstitions in her quest to cater for the animals in need of help.
The author has managed to make some additions into the work to make it very successful. This includes the use of similes in his work. When his mother is naming the owl, the author describes the situation using simile stating that his mother was, “savoring the syllables, which break like sunlight through her windows crystals, turquoise and yellow” (Fletcher 9). This makes the scene very lively in that the reader is able to form an image of the scene making this section very enjoyable and easily understandable. Moreover, the author uses metaphors to describe some of the small things in that particular scene in great detail. This makes the scene interesting and makes those things appear more beautiful. The author also gets involved in the situation to make their own feelings known to the reader. When describing the owl, the author says that what he liked the most was the eyes of the owl describing them as piercing yellow and the size of dimes. Such description of a small thing makes the reader aware of how much the author cherished the simple things in their lives. The author also uses strong adjectives and deep wording to make the situation livelier. Although the wording may make some of the sections harder to understand, they become very interesting upon comprehension.
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Fletcher, Harrison C. Descanso for My Father: Fragments of a Life. Lincoln: UNP - Bison Original, 2012. Print. Read More
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