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Any controversial issue of interest to explore - Essay Example

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Social media can be broadly defined as internet based applications that allow individuals all over the world to share, develop, exchange wide range of ideas, videos and pictures. Social media can be differentiated from other media in terms of usability, level of influence in the…
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Any controversial issue of interest to explore
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the well known social media platforms include Facebook, Google+, Wikipedia, Linkedln, Twitter, Pinterest among others. The use of social media as a means of propagating information has attracted divergent views and opinions as some argue in its favour while some feel that social media is not a proper tool for sharing thoughts and other information.
Those who are against the use of social media have defended their line of thought on a number of factors which include the fact that social networking reduces face-to-face interaction. The autonomy associated with the virtual world allows people to create a lot of fantasy persona or pretending to be someone else. It thus creates a means through which some people can avoid the realities of life leading to increased cases of mistrust. Someone can easily block or cut off the flow of communication from another person whom they may not share similar views and opinions. Online communication is a tool towards crippling the development of social skills and conflict resolution strategies.
Negative opinions toward social media have been supported by the fact that it is a means of fraud or identity theft. The information sent on social media platform can be accessed by anyone who has interest in it even those to whom it was not intended to reach. The information is subject to different interpretations and misunderstanding (Wankel, 34). The aspect of sharing personal information puts people at risk of being defrauded as some criminals have mastered the act of stealing personal details. Hacking presents a major weakness of social media as evident by the increasing cases of accounts and profiles of people being hacked. This leads to serious misdemeanor of identity theft and the process does not need on to be very techno-savvy to be successful but just a little knowledge in technology.
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