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“I will think of you, you who are so far away you have caused me to look up at the stars”. It seemed like a romantic poem about lovers. However, when read a second time, it is…
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Getting Started with a Poem
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Tess Gallagher: Under Stars Initially, I took it as a lonely female who was missing someone and longed for his or her presence. “I will think of you, you who are so far away you have caused me to look up at the stars”. It seemed like a romantic poem about lovers. However, when read a second time, it is apparent that the woman has a romantic affair. “I will think of you, you who are so far away”, means that she is thinking about another lover who is far way, yet she is with her husband.
a. First person narration is evident using the word ‘I’, for instance, “Now I will walk back”.
b. Negative capability is evident in the poem because it remains unclear and uncertain.
c. Suspense is conspicuous in the poem, as a reader reads on, and hopes to know what will happen after she walks out of the house coatless.
The poem is memorable because of the mood it depicts, which gives readers an emotional perspective towards the narrator. “I will think of you, you who are so far away, you have caused me to look up at the stars”. The feeling of loneliness is significant in the poem because it enables readers to relate to her tribulations.
The main idea of the poem is the need of companionship, which the woman desperately needs. Despite having her husband around, she is still lonely enough to leave her house coatless, yet there has just been a downpour, to mail a letter to someone far away, who she misses.
a. The letter is urgent. Despite the rain, evident when she says, “…rain-heavy bushes”, and “…again I walk into the wet grass”, she leaves the house coatless because she finds it important to send the letter on that specific day.
b. Negative capability is another significant factor in the poem because, even as the poem ends, the reader is still uncertain of the ongoing and the future.
c. Lastly, the mood presents an interesting twist in the poem because it makes the readers sympathize with an unfaithful woman.
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Gallagher, Tess. Under Stars. Poetry Foundation. Read More
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Getting Started With a Poem Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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