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We are what we read - Essay Example

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According to Stockdale, Coyne, Nelson & Padilla-Walker (2013), being presented to fierce and forceful material in the media can result to increased physical hostility. Many readers who read books that are hostile in nature are prone to react in a hostile manner when faced with a…
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We are what we read
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Extract of sample "We are what we read"

English We are what we read According to Stockdale, Coyne, Nelson & Padilla-Walker , being presented to fierce and forceful material in the media can result to increased physical hostility. Many readers who read books that are hostile in nature are prone to react in a hostile manner when faced with a similar case in real life. Reading too much of a specific content prepares the mind to similar happenings in normal life. For children and adolescent, the content they read will affect the way they relate with others in their entire life. To prevent this, parents, guardians and teacher have had to ban some kinds of books that they feel will have a negative effect on children and adolescent.
In order to read, many people prefer a silent environment that is free from disturbances. These individuals get used to being alone and secluded, resulting to anti social behavior. When people spend more time reading books than interacting with people, they generally become prone to solitary lives. This kind of people will have challenges interacting with others and will prefer spending their time reading than interacting with people, thus undermining the importance of maintaining healthy relationship with others.
When reading, one encounters a large number of characters in the book being read. For the reader to be able to flow well with the stories, the reader needs to remember all the characters involved in the book. Exercising this ability to remember huge volumes of details about characters in a book ends up improving the memory of the reader. Many readers will end up enjoying a good short term memory, which makes them better placed to remember the faces and names or people they meet. In relationships, such memory enables readers to be able to remember the birthdays of their loved ones as well as the anniversaries, making them better lovers.
According to Portillo Peña (2008), the urge to read more books increases when the reader is able to practice what they have read on their day to day life, making them reader eager to experiment with the information acquired. As a result, their behavior in hampered and they tend to be addicted to books to an extent of searching for answers to everything they are facing in books. This is however beneficial to the readers, since they will be in a position to use other people’s experience to solve their own problems and thus reducing the time taken to make decisions as well as the uncertainty of making uninformed action.
The most productive individuals in the work place are the ones who are able to concentrate in doing their work and remaining on track throughout. According to Biebel, Dill, & Dill (2009), reading increases the individuals’ ability to concentrate. Individuals who are readers tend to perform more in work and are able to remain on track up to completion of their job. The benefits of reading are more beneficial and solid making it more reasonable to encourage a healthy reading habit for all individuals.
Stockdale, L., Coyne, S., Nelson, D., & Padilla-Walker, L. (2013). Read anything mean lately? Associations between reading aggression in books and aggressive behavior in adolescents Aggressive Behavior, n/a-n/a. doi:10.1002/ab.21492
Biebel, D. B., Dill, J. E., & Dill, B. (2009). 50 ways to feel great today: Keys to beating stress, worry, and the blues. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell.
Portillo Pena, N. (2008). The power of reading: A multilevel study of the longitudinal effect of a paired intergenerational reading aloud program on academically at-risk elementary students reading attitudes, reading motivation and academic achievement. Ann Arbor, Michigan: ProQuest LLC. Read More
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