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I have often desired to visit the New Royal Adelaide Hospital (for various personal reasons), but for one reason or the other, I have always been left unable to accomplish this deep seated desire. However, recently, on Monday 19th May 2015, I chanced upon the glorious…
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Site visit New Royal Adelaide hospital
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"Site visit New Royal Adelaide hospital"

Download file to see previous pages Construction of the New Royal Adelaide Hospital begun in 2010, and at the time of my visit, the construction and commissioning had all been completed. Before me was a complete 9 level structure equipped with a car parking facility about 3 meters below the ground level. The entire facility has no basement. The building is shaped like a rectangle and broken up to resemble a chocolate bar in which 7 buildings are divided by 200mm gap connections. A visit to the patient section revealed single patient rooms that were aimed at enhancing the privacy of all the facility’s patients (and their visitors). There were approximately 800 wards that were all appropriately furnished with viewing panels. Furthermore, the patient rooms had special windows that were earthquake resistant to offer protection to the resident patient in case of an artificial or natural disturbance.
I also noticed that the center had its own pharmacy, and as I would come to learn, this was purposed to arrest emergency situations when a patient was in need of urgent medication or attention. Apart from this, the facility further cements its position as one of the largest projects in the southern hemisphere, as it stands, by boasting 9mm columns and other building innovations that effectively ensure maximum reduction/ elimination of vibrations in the building and its surrounding especially during delicate patient surgeries that would otherwise be compromised in the wake of such mechanical disturbances. In addition, the make up of the hospital is a healthy mixture of reinforced concrete and steel which ensures the whole structure has more strength (2000 cfa piles). There are equally separations in the structure of the building which suitably permits movement of the building during such occurrences as earthquakes. The connections between the buildings, however, are well placed to allow for smooth flow of services from one building to the next.
One side of the hospital is much ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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