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We Are What We Trade by David Sirota - Essay Example

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In essence, this is a true statement since the world has become smaller due to the nature of interactions and investment opportunities opening up. David Sirota clearly captures this thought through his article on trade and how it defines who we are…
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We Are What We Trade by David Sirota
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Extract of sample "We Are What We Trade by David Sirota"

Download file to see previous pages Organizations and nations can ship their companies to locations or destinations that one can consider less expensive. In the end, it makes it easy for companies and nations to benefit from free trade and the element of globalization (Sirota). Even though globalization seems to bring benefits, there are several disadvantages that it captures. For instance, the author rightly put it by capturing an instance where the concept of free trade seems to water down the aspects of job creation.
The author seeks to study the effects and the role that free trade presents to the global society. People and, in this case, parties concerned in the trade need to understand the impact of globalization and how it defines our nature. Sirota mentions the roles of lobbyists and crusaders who are out to promote free trade and globalization as parties who are carrying out a boring job. The author shares the notion that the work presented by these lobbyists as dishonest. It is not clear what the lobbyists and crusaders are vouching for on this matter (Sirota). It seems that while they continue talking about the positives of globalization, the negative keep on playing out. It is quite clear that the author assumes the responsibility to share these insights to place the society in a better position when it comes to making choices in the society.
Sirota’s article plays three major roles in writing. First, it seeks to inform the readers about the effects of free trade and globalization. It is quite clear that the article leaves the reader in a better position to comment on the society and their role in dealing or addressing issues. Secondly, the author seems to criticize some of the roles, tasks and aspects that the lobbyists are making about globalization. Thirdly, the author is persuading the readers not to be passive when it comes to passing bills and policies that affect them whether directly or indirectly. It is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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