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Education is a process that starts right from birth to death.The writer of the paper "My Education Process" shares experience about own education process. The author gives information about getting new skills, knowledge, and ways in which the entire process of learning can take place…
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My Education Process
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Download file to see previous pages My education process has illuminated the fact that education can change an individual. The skills and knowledge acquired empowers a person and can acquire a job in his area of study and thus earn a living. Moreover, interaction with many individuals who share different perspectives earns one different attitude that affects one's way of thinking and executing issues. I have been able to be more tolerant of other people’s values and beliefs thanks to education. I have been able to live beyond the values indoctrinated in me by my family background.Education is a process that comes with many experiences. I have witnessed many events and deeds that have turned as of public interest.My interaction with teachers has always come with issues that go beyond the classroom. Having the documentary Capturing the Friedmans into account, one would realize that both teachers and learners are vulnerable to experiences that would change their lives forever. In this particular context, we learn that some learners go through sexual abuse, a crime that Arnold Friedman is accused of committing(Jareck, 2003). While teaching computer lessons, this teacher takes advantage of the learners and records some child pornography as alleged. The imprisonment of the Friedmans sheds some light on the many elements that are characterized by the education process. One’s education process is a life commitment that is characterized by knowledge, skills, new attitudes, beliefs, values, and habits that define his personality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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