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A Speech on Bullying in Schools - Assignment Example

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In this speech, the author shall be covering bullying in schools in regards to the different forms of the habit, negative repercussions, and the prevention measures. Bullying is a common habit that can affect the social skills and mental health of both the victims and the bullies.  …
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A Speech on Bullying in Schools
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Extract of sample "A Speech on Bullying in Schools"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that bullying among students takes various forms, such as physical, emotional, verbal or cyber harassment. This implies that the victims may experience harassment in any form that is prevalent in their schools. The researcher would like to tell that the physical and verbal forms are common with the boys while girls normally use the emotional and verbal tendencies. The cyberbullying aspect is also on the rise because of the advent of the social media networks where students interact with their peers and strangers. Similarly, both girls and boys can still apply the other forms of bullying that they like and depend on environmental and background factors. The researcher states that bullies are always known individuals, especially the popular students. They take advantage of their popularity and seniority within the school to harass others for their own personal interests. This also takes place in the presence of other students who might influence the action to proceed or be prevalent in their school. The parents should try to mold their children to embrace good manners and know how to relate to others. It is also appropriate for the teachers to encourage the students to speak out whenever something like bullying happens. Bullying poses negative consequences in schools and affects the bullies and the victims in similar measures. For instance, bullying can derail a student’s academic performance due to the psychological effects and physical injuries. The mental well being of a student is vital for academics and socialization since he or she feels comfortable learning in that environment. The other undesirable consequence of bullying is that it can make a student skip classes for fear of victimization. This happens if the administration does not control the bullying activities and the students feel the school is not the right place. They end up missing classes, which drops their academic performance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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