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The article points out the health status in developed countries, middle-income countries and the developing countries. According to the article, the middle-income countries majorly have…
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Challenges of Social Integration
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Khawater 10 Article Khawater 10 Article The article” Khawater 10” highlights information about health concerning the whole world. The article points out the health status in developed countries, middle-income countries and the developing countries. According to the article, the middle-income countries majorly have a challenge of dealing with infectious diseases such as AIDS while the developing countries have the problem of communicable diseases. The health of the developing countries has a very low status due to the less infrastructure and lack sustainable resources to boost their health status. Further, some diseases need no resources to deal with them but to avoid the causing factor. Another issue discussed is the use of technology to advance the health status of the entire world. Most of the machines are built to suit the affordability by all country levels (Berwick, 2004).
From my point of view, most of the issues highlighted in the article are right. The health status of the three world categories differs from one class to the other. The more economically grown countries have financed significantly in the health sector. Use of drugs causes some diseases. Cigarette Smoking causes illnesses such as lung cancer (Ladika, 2002). Liver cirrhosis is as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol. The diseases can be controlled by limited use of such drugs especially in the developing countries and also the developed countries. Developing countries have the minimum level of health followed by middle-countries, and the developed countries have the highest.
The health sector can be advanced to a better situation by combined efforts of the government and individuals. The individuals are supposed to take charge of their can take the appropriate measures to prevent one from getting infected. Individuals can also educate each other on health risk behaviors and so improving countries health since number of people getting sick will reduce (Kinkade and Verclas, 2008). The government can take part to nourish the health sector. It can increase the budget allocation for enhancing the infrastructure in health centers. It can also fund campaigns to create awareness on people on health related issues.
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