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DisneyLand - Research Paper Example

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Walt Disney supervised the building of this place, making sure that the property was an attraction to everyone that visited the place and enhanced the growing need for a place where people could relax…
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Extract of sample "DisneyLand"

Download file to see previous pages It has been a great place for those looking for different careers and has harbored many more in achieving their goals within the society. Ideally, the benefits accrued cannot be quantified because the fun one has can only reflect on one’s health.
During its set up, the top-most priority was the location because they wanted to have the best place to have the theme park situated. In many settings, the growth of any investment is based on its accessibility to the targeted population (Malloy 25). On the first account, the park was to be built on an 8-acre piece of land, but Walt Disney realized that the space would be too small. They had to locate a 100-acre piece of land outside Los Angeles and design the kind of park he needed (Malloy 25). This would require an additional space for building rivers, waterfalls, mountains, flying elephants, giant teacups, and castles amongst other items that would see the company achieve its goals within the shortest time possible. This would also see a scenic railway built to make sure that children would enjoy and the eye-of-London merry-go-round would also be a scenic addition (Haberer 59).
Walt Disney’s plans were albeit ambitious but he did not lose hope. He knew that his dream would be a reality and though investors were bailing out, his television program was the main source of finance that would see the completion of the theme park. Many did not understand how the park would make people believe that unreal animals were real and that the paddling that should take place within an area as large as the Mississippi can take place within a confined place. These were ideas that only Walt Disney could envision, but his dream was not deter (Malloy 31). His aim was to give the children a chance to have a carefree time and recreate these notions repeatedly to achieve the required and desired effects. To date, parents ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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