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In the talk called Global Priorities Bigger Than Climate Change the scientist Bjorn Lomberg addresses all the people who are not indifferent to the main global issues, which need to be resolved. The main intention of the speaker is to make people turn from such concerns as…
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Global Priorities Bigger than climate change
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Bjorn Lomberg: Global Priorities Bigger Than Climate Change In the talk called Global Priorities Bigger Than Climate Change the scientist Bjorn Lomberg addresses all the people who are not indifferent to the main global issues, which need to be resolved. The main intention of the speaker is to make people turn from such concerns as global warming to really serious problems, which need urgent resolutions and really can be resolved if paid enough attention to. He urges people to direct their finances to really important concerns, “to do good in this world”. Lomberg defined ten biggest problems in the world and reminded that the most important is not to define problems but to find the solutions to these problems and the most important question is “what can we do about that?”. Then the scientist reminded about the necessity to define several basic problems, which should be the top priorities. He talks about four biggest problems: malaria, free trade, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS. AIDS, according to scientist, is the first issue to be paid attention to, he is sure that not enough efforts are taken to struggle with this disease, and the statistics is disappointing primarily because of that. He reminds that it is much easier to prevent the disease than to cure it, thus the main attention should be paid to prevention, because it is possible to be done and it is namely prevention, which can improve the statistics. The report made by Bjorn Lomberg is very informative and useful as it makes us think about the importance of the correct definition of priorities in order to find real resolution to the biggest problems in the world.
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