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How is language influenced and shaped by culture - Essay Example

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Language is a mode of communication either through written or spoken. Language has historical and cultural background of a country. In learning a…
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How is language influenced and shaped by culture
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Extract of sample "How is language influenced and shaped by culture"

How Culture Influences the Language Insert Insert Culture is the traditions and beliefs of people from a certain community ranging from the language, religion, and social habits. Language is a mode of communication either through written or spoken. Language has historical and cultural background of a country. In learning a foreign language, you are also thought the culture of that nation because they go hand in hand. A language is transmitted by culture. A language represents a person thinking. Hence, language is the most important transmission of culture from one generation to another (Dlaska, 2000). Different cultural groups use language differently.
Language is important to any culture, and every culture has a language to communicate with. The deaf and the blind to have their own language to communicate with. People have been known to articulate language from the people around us, and those words come from the culture. People get to know much from what they learn through talk since the culture influence the language (Dlaska, 2000).
Children who are taken to the boarding school at a young age mostly do not know their cultures. It is because they interact with different children from cultures who come together with a common language for instance they use English in their communications. This is threatening the extinction of other cultures (Dlaska, 2000).
Same language at times does not have the same culture, for instance, two countries can use a common language but have different cultures. Many people tend to confuse the sign language especially if they are from different countries for instance in India if someone nods he/she disagree while in other countries it means an agreement.
Dlaska, A. (2000). Integrating Culture and Language Learning in Institution-wide Language Programmes. Language, Culture And Curriculum, 13(3), 247-263. doi:10.1080/07908310008666602 Read More
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