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Incident - Essay Example

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The poem is titled as Incident as the poet talks about the event of racism that he experienced during his stay in Baltimore. The poet is African American and is one of the main…
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Extract of sample "Incident"

Incident Incident Introduction The poem d as incident was ed by Countee Cullen during the period of 1920s (Cullen, . The poem is titled as Incident as the poet talks about the event of racism that he experienced during his stay in Baltimore. The poet is African American and is one of the main stakeholders in America who has been negatively affected due to racism. This poem highlights the main cause of racism and talks about racism that has been deeply embedded in the society of United States.
The poem focuses on the experience of the poet and starts with his joyous experience of riding a bus in the region of Baltimore. In this experience the poet smiles at another boy when their eyes meet. In response the boy insults the poet and regards him as nigger. The author states that out of all his memories of Baltimore, this incident always remained in his memory.
The poem is one of the best poems that I have come across regarding the issue of racism in United States. This poem reinstates the idea that racism is deeply embedded amongst every individual. This is because all individuals are brought up to be racist. This poem helps in identifying the main cause of racism which is the values that a child receives from his/her parents.
The poem titled as Incident has been authored by Countee Cullen and in this poem the poet focuses on an event of racism that he experienced in the region of Baltimore. The poet states that one of the main causes of racism in America is the values that are transferred by parents to their children and children become racist at a very tender age.
Cullen, C. (2015). Countee Cullen – Incident. Genius. Retrieved 11 May 2015, from Read More
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