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Basing arguments on the two videos, it is evident that, in as much as higher education provides students with greater chances in the future for making something out of them. Such factors will lead to the development of talents. It is equally detrimental to the general welfare of…
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Need to add more on the paper
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Download file to see previous pages Such students pose future detrimental effect to employers in a sense that they tend to enter the job market half-baked. Managers looking to outsource competent fresh and innovative minds who with a little coaching can be on top of their game, risk ending up approving candidates with the little cognizance of their expected performance. On the other hand, employers are vulnerable to making unintended decisions with respect to higher education in the event of other better options that could have been given first priority. The managers looking to recruit in the same way suffer the propensity of having to deal with the rigorous task such as micromanaging its employees. Such situations could emerge in the occasion of hiring uneducated staff as opposed to educated individuals.
It is known that the human resource would tend to be inclined in reasoning and equally efficient in service delivery and resource management to yield targets. In summary, operations managers looking to hire could best consider devising a benchmark for assessing incumbent candidates when outsourcing employees as they stand to benefit from future prospects that come with dealing a manageable team that is goal-inclined and better placed in developing logical ideas in strategic marketing options. Higher education presents the need for better scrutiny on how educational institutions should reform their learning standards with the view of the current situations present that operational managers have to deal with when recruiting personnel in the diverse job ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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