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George Soros - Term Paper Example

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Instructor George Soros George Soros is a Hungaria-American investor, philanthropist and a business magnate born on 12th August 1930. He is the chairman of the Soros Fund Management and well known as “the man who broke the Bank of England” due to his 1billion dollars in investment profits during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis…
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George Soros
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Download file to see previous pages He is also the chairman of the Open Society Foundation. This paper discusses how he affected the British pound, his social, economic and political views as well as how he is affecting our nation. George Soros was dubbed as “the man who broke the Bank of England”. Around 1997, the treasury in the United Kingdom estimated the cost of Black Wednesday at around ?3.4 billion. Temple (p. 67) asserts that worldwide macrohedge funds seems to have a large amount of investor capital to execute their macroeconomic strategies. However, they may put in influence to increase the size of their macro bets resulting to greatest alert as well as publicity in the financial markets. The best recognized of the hedge funds as Temple (p. 67) says was the Quantum Hedge Fund managed by George Soros that made significant profits in 1992 by gambling that the British pound would diminish. At the same time, this fund was accused of contributing to the “Asian Contagion” in the reduction of 1997 when Thailand lessened its currency triggering a domino effect in the movement of the currency through the Eastern side of the Asian continent. Recently, global macrohedge coffers have fallen on hard eras because they were hurt by the Russian bond default in August 1998 and the bursting of technology bubble in March 2000 resulting to great losses for the global macrohedge funds (Temple p. 67). Again, as indicated above, the international macrohedge funds had the largest asset command of any hedge fund strategy. The ability to invest widely across moneys, financial markets, commodities, topographical limits as well as time districts is a two-edged blade. However, Temple (p. 67) adds that it allows global macrohedge funds the broadest cosmos in which to tool their plans. On the other hand, he says that it absences emphasis. As a lot of official investors have enthused into the the hedgerow fund place hence they have demanded greater asset focus different from free asset reign. As a person who supports democracy as well as open societies, George Soros is usually asailed by those trying to redirect his views through distributing deceptive or even information that seems to be imprecise. In terms of religion, we find that Soros gives respect to all faiths as well as religious does. He believes that those who have faith and faith communities contribute to the understanding of the public of pressing issues socially and most of the time add a principled, moral aspect towards debates that are too often dominated by those people who play politics, statistics and polling. On the other hand, being a philanthropist, the greatness as well as topographical scope of charitable activities of Soros are unprecedented. Upto this moment of time via the Open Society Foundations, he has donated more than $7 billion. It funds very many initiatives worldwide to push for education, fairness, the growth of business, public health and self-governing media. George Sors has a lot of political views. He believes that revolutions are actually undermining and are unnecessarily dangerous. His work focuses on supporting organizations as well as government that gives protection on the rights of the citizens and give feedbacks to their wants. He again champions ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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