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It depends on the writing - Essay Example

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Employers are known for putting notices and posters around their companies, which insist so much on work safety. In as much their talks suggest that…
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It depends on the writing
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Download file to see previous pages On the contrary, you find the same bosses, employers or supervisors advising on safety and against overloading. Despite all the overload, there is little motivation done to the workers as they still the same amount of compensation they get on normal routine.
The cartoonist, Rick Enright, has been creating cartoons that especially criticize on industries, motivation, work effort, enthusiasm, delegation and responsibility, weights and heavy lifting which are mostly published on the website: (Enright 1). In his cartoon above, there are two people with uniforms and helmet, representing workers. However, between the two workers, one is adding more load onto the other’s already heed load. At the same time, the one adding the load is giving out a caution that the one being loaded should not to “over-do it.” The writing, “SAFETY FIRST” is put here to show how people usually say what they don’t actually mean. This is because, if one was to put safety first, then there was not supposed to be the overloading to the point that some boxes have even fallen. The fallen box shows how the rate of overload to an extent that some cannot be attended to. If we take the loader to be the one delegating responsibilities, we can say that the cartoon depicts a situation where those who delegate duties usually try to show they care about your safety, so they advise you not to overload yourself. However, in the real sense, it is them; the loaders, or those who delegate duties, who delegate much responsibilities and duties to you. One might wonder whether it true that these people really mean what they say. The main problem here, is that these delegators would like to accomplish targets. By so doing, they delegate excess duties to their juniors to be accomplished within a shorter period. On the contrary, when it comes to the time of giving bonuses, the same delegators do not remember those who really worked hard and deserves the bonus. Instead, those who do not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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