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In fifty years, fifty two years I have been here I saw fishermen but not that many.Many fishermen in the last fifty years, never seen so many. Fifty years are not so many, the last aircraft was about ten to fifty years or…
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RECORDING Facial, there never came many fisher in the bay, never. In fifty years, fifty two years I have been here I saw fishermen but not that many.Many fishermen in the last fifty years, never seen so many. Fifty years are not so many, the last aircraft was about ten to fifty years or thereso. But fish here being, there was small fish here go down, what happened to the small fishermen. What happened was that fishing. Mmmh, people, We shall license fishing, of course every season change. When I came to this country, I saw what a lot of fish. The biggest problem I got there I would say, like Miami Beach. From here to pacific we fish a lot of fish, from here to putisan, a lot of people say less, a lot of fish, I would say the reason, the bigger reason was the Zui. You see what happened with the Sui they put gano, chlorine everyday outside. You know for the Sui where you got it. You go to room we find chlorine and we go outside, they got chlorine and they go outside. We used to doing good on the lost on the bay. No moral before but little bit is till there we doing fair. Well a little bit a little bit. Problem is too many people after they lost. Too many people no only commercial fishermen is poor fishermen. See many people go for fish go for lost any around. What did they do about. They are most of the time go after the commercial and they run, cause they go a little bit more after they spoke fishermen all men after small fishermen. Read More
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Transcripy Them Precisely Word by Word Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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