Not all Women experience oppression in a uniform way - Research Paper Example

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While the concept that women take up inferior positions within the society is indisputable, the idea that all women experience…
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Not all Women experience oppression in a uniform way
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Download file to see previous pages xperience, there is evidence that colored women have experienced the severest form of discrimination in countries such as Canada, and the White women are treated far much better. The history of gender disparities is historical and has punctuated the history of the world. Men have consistently resisted the struggle of women to take up senior positions within the community, and there is evidence that different societies have resisted differently. From this perspective, it is clear that different women have experienced oppression in different proportion and that men have been behind this ordeal. The idea that women are the enemies of their empowerment is acceptable to some extent but only contributes to a small proportion of the problems that women have encountered.
Conventional politicians criticize the politics of sisterhood on different relative grounds. They argue that by encouraging women to identify their lives as shaped by patriarchal oppression, feminism has produced images of women being victims outside the forces which have consequently denied their critical involvement in most decision-making processes. Bacak (164) believes that by assimilating the differences between women into a sisterhood of common, shared experiences, power relations between women are under-theorized. Both limited and distorted analyzes of gender are in play.
Convincingly, it is notable that contemporary feminists criticize the second wave of politics that promote women as victims (Crenwshaw, 2). The critique, in this case, frustrates the perceived inability of second wave feminists to explore and celebrate womens agency instead of presenting women entirely as victims of masculine prejudice. The critique stresses that women shared status as victims’ acts as a key rhetorical role in generating believes of unity and sisterhood. Nonetheless, Kirkland (89) notes a second wave of feminist driven ideology encourages a gender power relation predominantly altering the difference between men ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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