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A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen - Research Paper Example

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 This essay focuses on the play A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen hat expresses family relations using diverse perspectives, for instance, the existence of oppression in the family. This is evident in the way it expresses feminism as a major theme, which displays how the society manipulates women…
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A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen
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Extract of sample "A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently, it is via these events where people while mingling embrace their effective roles based on genders evident in the play. In this play, the author significantly explores the aspect of feminism in the society with intention of creating senses of social equality in regards to both genders.
In this play, act as recipients of both oppression and unfair treatment that makes them appear as men’s play objects. Ibsen illustrates an aspect of mistreatment of women through one of the character Nora, where the male individual oppresses the female especially at the family level (Ibsen 24). Henrik exemplifies oppression on women in the society quite evident at various social, economic and political avenues. However, his focus is at family level where the male gender seems to assumes the top rank whereas are subjects almost close to the children they have given birth. Oppression against the female gender is also evident globally whereby despite the level of development of that given region women end up not receiving economic support.
As a result, they have no mediums to air the grievances that can help them to demand liberation or champion the colleagues to embrace liberation. The play thus reveals oppression against women by illustrating the societal perception of women. For instance, the society perceives women as the secondary citizen according to the play, as she depends mostly on a man for her survival and existence.
According to the play, a woman should be inferior to a man, and her actions should not override the males’ decisions and actions. Parents play an important role in establishing the inferiority complex in the female’s childhood exposure. Nora’s father is an essential initiator of Nora’s perception of the male superiority since her childhood, thus she grew up with the knowledge that the female has to be a male’s subject (Ibsen 104).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Doll'S House by Henrik Ibsen Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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