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This question has received very many answers, some unclear while others are very clear. The fact remains that industrial safety should be an aspect of the industrial management especially in S-Chem. This ensures that…
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Industrial safety
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Conclusion of the Research Paper Who is really applying lifesaving rules in the working areas? This question has received verymany answers, some unclear while others are very clear. The fact remains that industrial safety should be an aspect of the industrial management especially in S-Chem. This ensures that the current recordable incident rate, which is on an ever rising high, is stopped in its tracks thus guaranteeing the safety and well-beings of all workers in the place (Wilson et al., 2003). Investigating on all the barriers against achieving this goal should assist in giving the management ideas on what to do with the employees.
The findings of the studies conducted indicate that ignorance of the safety rules is not a problem anymore. Most workers are aware of the need of taking safety precautions while the industry and other industries are also aware of this (Reese, 2009). This is noted also in the extensive training sessions that both employees and employers have reported going to, all in a bid to observe the rule and avoid at all costs, any accidents at the workplace (Wilson et al, 2003). The numbers not aware of this are impressively quite low, which is a good thing.
Another finding is that workers in industries are exposed to heavy machinery. With heavy machinery comes the risk of hurting oneself, which could probably lead to death. They are also exposed to hazardous chemicals and gases (Wilson et al., 2003). This means that both the workers and the industry owners need to be well prepared for unpredicted occurrences. The unprepared workers also need enlightenment on safety matters. Several of the workers have on occasions refused to perform tasks that they thought were hazardous to them or to their co-workers.
Whatever was found out in the studies is crucial and goes a long way in reducing the incidences of accidents and deaths in the workplace (Reese, 2009). The fact that the workers and owners of the industries are aware of the safety precautions helps in this. This means that all will be done to ensure safe working conditions (Wilson et al., 2003). What is impressive is that workers mind each other. They will do everything to make sure that they look out for their co-workers. They join hands in refusing to work in poor risky conditions. This is because they have all come to the realization that their safety comes first.
This studies have also gone to show that employees, whether on contract or hired, understand what the safety policies require of them and they are in good behavior maintaining their safety (Reese, 2009). The incidences of unsafe working conditions in the past are abhorred and every party is working on making sure that they remain in the past.
Understanding the importance of safety in the work place guarantees the protection of the workers. Workers ought to demand for their right to protection as they work at all times. It should be understood that human life is far more important than profits made by industries if at all someone died due to poor safety working conditions.
Reese, C. (2009). Industrial safety and health for infrastructure services. Boca Raton: Taylor & Francis.
Wilson, L., McCutcheon, D., Buchanan, M., & University of Alberta. (2003). Industrial safety and risk management. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press. Read More
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