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Lebanon is perceived to be the homeland of the majority of Arabs Americans. It is followed by other countries such as Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, and Yemen. There are twenty-one Arabs countries from North America…
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Download file to see previous pages The number of Arabs immigrants has rapidly grown due to the changes in the United States laws and the increased political and economic hardships in Middle East countries. Arabs Americans are the fastest growing minorities in America. The Arabs who first arrived in United Stated were comparatively homogenous groups of persons. Most of the Arabs immigrants were Christians from Lebanon and Syria. Most of them came from remote areas where they had limited access to formal education. The recent Arabs immigrants tend to be more diversified in terms of their educational achievement, religious background, and terms of their country of origin (Short 300).
Arabs Americans are almost in every state, although they are more likely to be located at one place such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Boston. The cities have large neighborhoods of Arabs Americans communities and have Arabic grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses. The largest Arab Americans neighborhood is found Dearborn, Michigan. Arab Americans have become one of the most diverse groups of people in United States. Around 50 percent are Christians while the other 50 percent are Muslims. Some of the Arab immigrants trace their roots in African nations while others trace their origin in Asian countries. Some Arab Americans are born in America with their parents and grandparents born in United States making these Arabs have the little knowledge of the Arabic language. Others have immigrated to United States recently and therefore they are fluent in Arabic and can speak a bit of English. Arab Americans are also diversified in terms of income and jobs. Some are professional lawyers and doctors while others work in farms and factories. Many Arab Americans are a business owner of large enterprises. Some Arab women work as homemakers while others are found in all kinds of professions. Research shows that Arab Americans have better education level compared to average American ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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