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The conflict that started towards the end of the 19th century has yet to be resolved two centuries down the line. While there is a concession that the issue of…
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Conflict of cultures in the middle east
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Download file to see previous pages The Israel held the mentality that the Palestinian land belonged to them and were determined to repossess the land and demarcate boundaries. On the other hand, the Arabs were the original inhabitants and had occupied the largest portion of the land centuries before. The conflict emerged when Jews attempted to acquire the Palestine land and the Arabs were meant to believe that this was a dispossession process that aimed at eliminating them. From a critical point of view, the motive of the Jews was marred by aggressive selfishness and displacing the original inhabitants was inappropriate. Therefore, this essay seeks to reveal the origin of the conflict and to provide a recommendation for resolution of the conflict.
The history of the Middle East conflict can be dated back to the colonial period when the Palestine land comprised part of the Ottoman Empire. At that time, the Arabs, who comprised of Muslims and Christians, occupied the land although there was evidence of existence of immigrant Jews who largely occupied Jerusalem, Hebron, and Tiberia, cities that had religious significance to this group. However, there was evidence that by the end of the end of the 19th century, the Ottoman Empire would be collapsing and the colonial rule would melt away (Podeh, 22-37). At this time, most groups in the world were busy gathering together to establish states that they could live under self-rule. Majority of the people occupied the land that they possessed at that particular time, although expansionism was still evidenced as countries fought for the control of land. The Israelites were among “the landless people” who were also busy searching for a space that they could call their own (Touval 8). Evidently, the Jews were dispersed across the Middle East and they risked losing their identity at a time when land was becoming an important issue across the world.
Israel, just like any other group, decided to join in the search for an identity. During this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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