Are state tests actually beneficial to students, or do they place unnecessary pressure on teachers, students, and parents - Essay Example

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Well, state tests are meant to gauge a student’s knowledge and serve as an assessment tool of a teacher’s input during the learning process. Standardized tests…
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Are state tests actually beneficial to students, or do they place unnecessary pressure on teachers, students, and parents
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Tests Are tests really beneficial to or do they place undue pressure on teachers and parents? Well, state tests are meant to gauge a student’s knowledge and serve as an assessment tool of a teacher’s input during the learning process. Standardized tests are used in almost all states in the United States at each level of education. Therefore, students are wired into exam as from the first day they join an educational institution. With regards to the objectives of learning, state test are not beneficial to students, teachers and parents. In fact they create unnecessary pressure to the three stakeholders, diluting its very essence. Firstly, the stakes of state test are too high. Secondly, the test results cannot accurately measure learning. Thirdly, teachers are molded into ‘teaching the tests’ rather than concepts. Lastly, the anxiety associated with tests impedes learning and leads to cheating and result manipulation. Therefore, this paper will discuss on why state tests are not beneficial to stakeholders in education—students, teachers and parents.
To begin with, the stakes of the tests are too high and teachers are adapted into ‘teaching test’ rather than concepts. Traditionally, test scores influence how much funds a school would receive from the government. Low test scores would make the school run the risk of its operations taken over by the government; therefore, little room for independent decision making (Texas Business Leadership Council). Such pressure on state officials, parents, teachers and students create a very poor environment for learning. Additionally, Teachers plan their curriculum around tests. Additionally, teachers teach test-taking skills and how to pass exams. Consequently, teachers lose the creativity and dynamism that makes learning enjoyable (The National Center for Fair and Open Testing). Concepts and hands-on skill require a greater challenge and are more rewarding than the ability to pass a multiple-choice test.
Secondly, test scores are not the accurate measure of learning. In a 2013 speech, the secretary of education, Arne Duncan opines that state assessments in various subjects often fail to capture the student’s ability of what they know and can do (Evans ). Besides, all the stakeholders in education know that there is so much more to education that the ability to sit down and answer a few multiple-choice questions. Standardized state tests do not create room for students to express themselves (Evans ).
Lastly, the anxiety associated with tests impedes that learning process and encourages cheating and result manipulation. In order to move to the next grade, students have to pass the standardized tests. The anxiety that this breeds can be so paralyzing that students forget concepts they had memorized. The pressure impedes the assessment of the very objective the test is meant to evaluate. Additionally, High stakes on performance push administrators to cheat and manipulate test scores (The National Center for Fair and Open Testing).
In summary, standardized state tests are not beneficial to students, teachers and parents in meeting the objectives of learning. Standardized state tests exert high stakes, cannot accurately evaluate learning, mold teachers into ‘teaching tests,’ impedes learning by creating anxiety and encourages cheating and test score manipulation.
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