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President Obamas use of African American Vernacular English (Black English) in speeches and interviews - Research Paper Example

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They mostly use local languages, slang or code switch so as to relate to their audiences and appeal to the greater mass of the population or people…
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President Obamas use of African American Vernacular English (Black English) in speeches and interviews
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Extract of sample "President Obamas use of African American Vernacular English (Black English) in speeches and interviews"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, this research paper in principle and retrospect would discuss and contextualize the impact and the direct effects of the use of such language. It is important to note and mention that the paper will also explore the ways and means through which the African American vernacular language gets to spread and gain prominence in the human society.
It would be of key interest to gauge with utmost precision the specific or exact extent to which code switch as employed or is being used by President Barack Obama. This is to say that it would seeks to contextualize the exact step through which the President juggles between the standard language and the vernacular language. Similarly, it would be proper to contextualize the prospective effects of the code switch not only to the earning cycles but the whole society as a whole. In retrospect, it means that research process would inquire how the students and the society as a whole may be encouraged to continue to use the slang or African American vernacular language once they see the President-the symbol of highest authority use the same code of language.
Given the nature and aspect of this research process, it is a cross of a qualitative and quantitative research. Thus, it is safe to assert that it would be an exploratory type of research because it would touch and focus on the numerical aspect such as the number or percentage of people in the society are likely to be encouraged to continue to use the slang. In the same line of thought, it may also touch and explain the number of people who may feel discouraged to use the same vernacular in the lives accordingly.
Equally important is the fact that the study would expound on the aspect or issue of the quality of conversations relative to the use of proper English language (Rickford & Rickford, 2002). This is to say that the quality of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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