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The author views technology and the era of modernity from a distinct perspective. The social disengagement brought by the new communication prompts the author to use practical…
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Article reviews
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Article Review Distracted by Maggie Jackson This is a comprehensive book that addresses technology and its negative influence on social life. The author views technology and the era of modernity from a distinct perspective. The social disengagement brought by the new communication prompts the author to use practical approaches that can facilitate the readers’ pragmatic understanding of this issue. Jackson’s claims that the new wave of technology has broken the social relations that existed in the past are evidentially supported by several examples. The reality of this issue is made viewable by the tactful analysis that the author engages. The author admits that technology has managed to generate a long chain of social networks but regrets that the manner of communication in those links has not been as effective as in the past.
Lately, people communicate via email and phones even to the closest ones who they should interact with face to face such as family and close friends. An instance is a case where a child writes a requisition note and sends it to the parent’s email. It indicates the detachment that has evidently been brought by new communication mediums. Families have broken away from the traditional systems and cultures where they could gather around a table for dinner as they discussed issues affecting them. Nowadays, an individual just needs to go behind a computer and share their problems online. The author is, therefore, appealing to the community to abandon the ineffective technology-aided communication and reincorporate the traditional methods that enhanced attachment. To solve this, it is in order for some of the traditional cultural ways of interaction to be revisited and reintegrated back into the modern life. The community should move from digital interactions to real face-to-face communications.
New Class (room) War: Teacher Vss. Student Technology by Samuel. G. Freedman
The author, in this article, explores some of the negative effects information communication technology (ICT) has brought to learning. This article addresses this issue by giving a practical instance in which classroom sessions have been interrupted profoundly by the many electronic gadgets that students use to surf the internet with. Freedman, appreciates the fact that technology is a real advancement that has improved lives. However, the trend of excessive internet obsession has brought more harm than benefits in classroom learning. A case is highlighted of a war that raged on between the teacher and a student in which the lecturer had to smash the leaner’s phone to show how much serious he intolerant he was with the issue. The author argues that the struggle technology has brought in classroom between students and teachers is unimaginable and time has come when efficient and effective ways must be sought in order to save these students from being carried away by technology.
Consequently, the author gives a statistical evidence to indicate that indeed technology has instigated a war between the two parties. The number of students who own/ and uses cellphones in class are astonishing. In order to solve this, the same technology can be used to monitor students who carry mobile phones to school once a restrictive policy has been put in place. Although this may come with additional charges, it is worthy since teaching when the mind of the learner is preoccupied elsewhere is zero work. Read More
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Article Reviews Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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