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Is a new Walmart a good thing for a community - Essay Example

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A number of positive attributes make the company suitable for the community, as the company is identified to be offering products and services at economical rates. The…
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Is a new Walmart a good thing for a community
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Extract of sample "Is a new Walmart a good thing for a community"

Is A New Walmart A Good Thing For A Community? Walmart is a multinational retail corporation based in the US dealing in numerous products and services. A number of positive attributes make the company suitable for the community, as the company is identified to be offering products and services at economical rates. The company supports diversity in operations and management, with increased business efficiency. Furthermore, Walmart is regarded as an important aspect for the development of the community for employing non-traditional workers and is a market leader in multinational retail chain. In addition, the company serves towards the betterment of the community by providing jobs and ensuring environmental sustainability in its operational processes. To ensure environmental sustainability, Walmart has abandoned the sale of deodorant sticks in cardboard boxes and made use of the concept of greener buildings to establish its stores. The company also engages in Corporate Social Responsibility on a regular basis (Goetz, n.d.).
Despite such advantages to the community, Walmart is engaged in a number of problems such as exploitation of labor, which is treated as a negative attribute from the perspective of the community. Moreover, in Walmart, there exists discrimination of worker in terms of gender and age. The company has an increased level of unemployment leading to higher rates of poverty and lower welfare spending. Furthermore, Walmart erodes business centers situated in downtown, which can be considered another factor behind the neglect of the community. Despite promoting environmental sustainability, Walmart itself is engaged in increased environmental degradation, against the communal perspective. In South America, fish farms located across the nation and have led to a rise in obesity rates by 2.4% points for which Walmart is responsible (Goetz, n.d.). Considering the advantages of the company and its comparison with the disadvantages, it can be identified that the company has adopted different measures based on which the company is able to perform operations with environment consciousness and sustainability. In this context, Walmart can be considered as a good thing for the community.
Goetz, S. J. (n.d.). The case against (and for) Walmart. The Pennsylvania State University. Read More
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