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Pointer the Old Reliable House Mover (Darnton 2). The painting is the menu of the type of fish available to their customers that day with their prices. On the other hand, the painting tries to convince the customer on…
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More with the Moves
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Study of the Picture Move 2: define significant parts and how they’re related)? This photograph is on a business premisesby the name F.M. Pointer the Old Reliable House Mover (Darnton 2). The painting is the menu of the type of fish available to their customers that day with their prices. On the other hand, the painting tries to convince the customer on the quality products they have so as to attract more of them just as the name “… the old reliable…” implies. Watermelon, Cucurbitaceae is strategically placed so that any passerby could not them easily. Significantly, two men outside the building and the other people inside are signs of a busy premise. The flowers are the beautification of the premise. At the same time, there is a building just behind which shows that the place is not lonely. There is an electricity post near the building, hence it’s obvious that the place is developed due to the supply of electricity power (Darnton 3).
Move 4: Do you notice any patterns of color, shape, light, in the image?
The weather is calm, the two men outside are energetic; by the posture they have used to carry the big cucurbitaeceae and watermelon. The little girl inside the building is happy raising her dress as a sign of welcoming, and the two men inside are smartly dressed looking outside.
However, it is daylight and the lighting is bright for any regular activities to take place. All the pictures give a clear image of the events taking place inside the building.
The pattern of color is black and white, and there are rectangular blocks outside the building and the watermelons are oval in shape.
Works cited
Darnton, Robert. The great cat massacre: and other episodes in French cultural history. Basic Books, 2009. Print. Read More
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