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Morden dance final - Assignment Example

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Alvin Ailey, who is the choreographer that came up with the Alvin Ailey American Theater far back in the year 1958, was born on 5 January 1931 (Gitenstein 7). His parents were Alvin and Elizabeth. During these years, the parents were living in Rogers, Texas, which was just a…
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Morden dance final
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Download file to see previous pages Alvin and his mother, Elizabeth, shifted to Navasota, Texas when he was only six years old. As for his education, he attended a school for the whites, where he felt so much discriminated and undermined, as there was so much of racism. He attended a church for the blacks named as Black Baptism Church. Here, only people of a specific race were accommodated. This also happened in theatres and anything that surrounded the place. In their childhood therefore, Ailey and his generation mates grew feeling singled out from the society. Ailey and his mother moved from Navasota to Los Angeles in the year 1942 (Gitenstein 12-14). The ensuing part of his childhood seemed better as his mother got a better job with an aircraft factory and Ailey joined high school as a result. In high school, Ailey decided to join football players in the school’s gymnastics team. This was due to his great passion for athletics in those times.
Though Ailey never believed in himself when it came to dancing skills, he always admired the dancers as he watched them perfect their dancing skills at school. He also loved the music that he used to hear at the local dancehalls. His favorite dancers were Gene Kelly, who were in the industry for over fifty years, from 1912 to 1996, and Fred Astaire, from 1899 to 1987 (Gitenstein 16-19). He made up his mind to take part in the dancing lessons that were going on at a neighbor’s home. Ailey’s strong passion for dancing was created after visiting a modern dance school, which was operated by Lester Horton. He was persuaded to make the visit by his good friend called Carmen. There he realized that the dance company was the first and only institution to acknowledge members from any race. To him, it was much pleasing to be in a place where racism is not an issue of concern. Ailey decided to train there as a dancer for a whole month. What inspired him even more was the performance of Ballet Carlo and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Morden Dance Final Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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